What is a dive computer?

A dive computer is an essential tool for any diver. It’s a compact electronic device used to monitor dive data and calculate decompression time, allowing divers to safely stay underwater for longer periods of time.

dive computer

Dive computers allow divers to dive deeper, explore further and track their dive information more accurately than ever before. With the right dive computer, you can dive smarter and dive safer.

What is a dive computer?

A dive computer is an electronic device used by scuba divers to monitor and record dive time, dive depths, decompression stops, and other important dive information. It helps to prevent decompression sickness by providing real-time feedback on dive conditions such as dive depth, bottom time remaining and ascent rate.

Dive computers also provide a safety net by allowing the dive to be aborted if dive parameters are exceeded. They can also provide warnings or alarms for dive conditions such as rapid ascent, time remaining, oxygen toxicity and other dive conditions.

Dive computers are designed to alert the diver when it is unsafe to dive deeper or longer, allowing divers to stay safe within their dive parameters.

In addition, dive computers can record data from each dive which can be used for analysis and review after the dive is complete. Dive computers have become an essential part of recreational scuba diving and offer peace of mind and safety during a dive. They help ensure that dives stay within safe limits so that everyone has an enjoyable, successful dive experience.


  • Air integration, which allows the diver to monitor their air supply while underwater.
  • Real-time dive data display including depth, dive time and dive profile.
  • Automatic decompression calculations to prevent the diver from overstaying their dive limits.
  • Calculates no-stop dive times and dive profiles on the surface before and during a dive.
  • Gas switching capabilities to allow divers to switch between gases while underwater.
  • Logging of dive data for dive planning, dive review and dive prediction purposes.
  • Alarms to alert the diver of potentially dangerous dive conditions.
  • Audible warnings and graphics to keep the diver informed of their dive status while underwater.
  • Easy-to-use menu system with adjustable user settings.
  • Downloadable dive logs and dive profile charts.
  • Rechargeable batteries for extended dive times.
  • Data port to allow dive data to be transferred from the dive computer to a PC or PDA.
  • Waterproof casing and shock-resistant design for underwater use.
  • Backlight function for nighttime diving.
  • Barometer technology which monitors dive conditions to provide real-time dive data.

An invaluable tool for all divers

A dive computer is an invaluable tool for all divers, both recreational and technical. With a dive computer, you can dive deeper and longer with greater safety, explore further and track your dive data more accurately.

Dive computers are an essential part of dive safety, so it’s important to choose the right dive computer for you and become familiar with its features and functions before beginning any dive. With a dive computer, you can dive smarter and dive safer.

Shapes and sizes

Dive computers come in many shapes and sizes, from wristwatch-style dive computers to larger console-style computers that attach to a diver’s tank. A dive computer is an invaluable tool for divers of any level, from beginners to professionals.

It can help track dive parameters such as depth and dive time, calculate dive time and decompression stops, monitor dive conditions and alert divers when they are approaching their dive limits or if any dive parameters are outside of the acceptable range.

In Conclusion

A dive computer is a device used by scuba divers to monitor depth, time and decompression stop data while they are diving. A dive computer can be either an analogue gauge or a digital display device.

Most modern dive computers are small, hand-held devices that have large displays which show all the necessary information at a glance.

While dive computers are not required for diving, they are highly recommended as they help to make dives safer and more enjoyable. Do you use a dive computer when you go diving?

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