How to Use Windows 11’s Auto HDR Feature

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 11, you may have noticed the new Auto HDR feature.

Windows 11's Auto HDR Feature

This nifty little tool can automatically enable HDR on your monitor, making your games and movies look more vivid and realistic. Here’s how to use it.

What Is Auto HDR on Windows 11?

If you’re a Windows user, then Auto HDR is probably something you’ve come across. It was first introduced with the release of Windows 11, and it essentially allows for more realistic images. Auto HDR stands for Automatic High Dynamic Range.

As the moniker suggests, this feature allows your device to automatically adjust brightness levels in order to create more vivid, sophisticated images that better represent real-life visuals.

Turn on Auto HDR and you’ll quickly notice improvements in image quality thanks to an extended range of visible details (over what’s typically available in standard dynamic range). In everyday use cases like taking photos or making video calls, Auto HDR can help capture better examples of the scenes you’re viewing while saving the colour depth needed to enhance its appearance.

And since Windows 11’s AI-powered algorithms are designed to quickly detect and correct shadows before they’re even visible, overall image clarity is often improved without manual intervention. Ultimately, devices with Auto HDR support can provide users with higher-quality images and videos compared to non-HDR-enabled devices. No matter how simple or complex the shot may be, Auto HDR is all about capturing imagery that more accurately reflects reality – something which Windows 11 is proud to bring users everywhere!

How to Turn On Auto HDR on Windows 11

For those of us who want to elevate our Windows 11 experience, enabling Auto HDR is a great place to start. Auto HDR mode allows for more vivid colours, better contrast, and improved dynamic range. In addition to making images look better than ever on-screen, this setting can help to reduce eye strain when spending extended lengths of time using the computer.

  • To enable Auto HDR, begin by going into the Windows 11 “Settings” menu from the start-up page.
  • Look for the Display tab and click it; one look at the options will reveal several new settings related to HDR.
  • Next, click on Advanced Display Settings and select Display adapter properties.
  • On that page locate the Levels tab or checkbox labelled as “HDR” and enable it.

This simple action should allow you to immediately enjoy your Windows 11 content in full HDR mode with all of its benefits. As an added bonus, you will even be able to take advantage of built-in auto-adjustments that allow for optimization regardless of hardware or operating system specifications. All in all, Auto HDR is a must-have addition to Windows 11 that makes media viewing much better with minimal effort required.

HDR Is Still New on Windows 11

One of the newest additions to Windows 11 is High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, a feature that enables the optimal display of bright colours, contrast range, and a more immersive experience when gaming or watching movies. While HDR is still pretty new on Windows 11, its capabilities are continuing to become more impressive as developers bring out new games and apps to utilize it.

This means that brighter displays with improved colour accuracy can be experienced on devices with compatible screens at an affordable price. With HDR support in Windows 11 users can now enjoy vivid colours and better contrast when they game, watch movies or look through their photos – creating a more immersive experience overall.

And while HDR display is still quite new on Windows 11 the potential for what we’ll see in the future makes it an exciting development worth keeping an eye on!

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